Managed to start and finish Project 2 in under three hours tonight. Which is a lot better than Project 1, which took me a couple of nights (but then I did have those Split Controller View issues)

The aim of tonight’s project was to build a ‘Choose a flag’ game. Players would be presented with three random flags, a name of one of the flags, and they had to choose the correct flag. The player’s score would increase if they correctly selected a flag, and decreased if they got a flag wrong.

Although I’ve finished Project 2, I actually want to go back now and make some improvements. Including the following:

  • A player’s score shouldn’t go down when they enter a wrong answer, it should remain the same prior to the question.
  • When a player chooses the wrong answer, the pop-up notification should inform the user which flag they chose (helping the user for next time)
  • The whole thing should have 3D graphics and a nu-metal soundtrack curated by Linking Park.

Here’s a gif of my handiwork.:

Hacking with Swift - Project 2

Hacking with Swift – Project 2

Hopefully I’ll have an update to this in the next couple of days, although I don’t know how good Chester Bennington and the rest of the band are when it comes to replying to emails.