Wow. My head is full of detailViewController, NSFileManager and UIImageView but I’ve just completed my first Project in Hacking With Swift.

I had some issues getting the split iPad view to work in the iOS simulator that forms part of Xcode, but after getting in touch with the guy who wrote the course, and some other messing about, I got there in the end.

I barely remember my own name right now, and I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to remember by tomorrow morning, but Project 1 went through a LOT of stuff. It covered the following: constants and variables, method overrides, table views and image views, app bundles, NSFileManager, typecasting, arrays, loops, optionals, view controllers, storyboards, outlets, Auto Layout, UIImage and more.

So I think that means I’m well on my way to becoming a Swift coding master. Or something.

Oh, and if anyone from Facebook is reading this, here’s what I’ve made. It’s an image viewer.

Hacking With Swift - Project 1

Hacking With Swift – Project 1

Let’s start the bidding at £40.