I’ll cut to the chase. I want to learn iOS development, and I’m going to use this site to blog about my experiences.

I won’t be learning Objective-C, instead I want to learn how to program in Swift; Apple’s very own modern and relatively new programming language, first unveiled at WWDC in June 2014.

I used to love programming back at school. Here I started coded in Basic and HTML, then college, where I progressed to Visual Basic and C++, and finally university, where I started and sadly dropped out of a Computer Games Programming degree.

But that was a long time ago, and now it’s 2015, where I’m obsessed with tech, apps, mobile and the incredible power of the web to connect people and tell stories. So why not harness that to build something good. My point exactly, so that’s why I want to learn something new and build something great.

Developing an iOS app has long been a part of my ever-growing list of “life goals”, so it’s time to do something about it. This would ordinarily form one of many New Year’s Resolutions, but it’s only October, so why wait. Fail fast, they say.

I’ve learned over the past few years that I’m very much an “all or nothing” person. I’m either going to not do something, or do it, do it, do it and never stop doing it until I’ve smashed every goal I ever set myself or something/someone died.

Whether it’s blogging every single day of the year (that was back in 2010) or trying to beat my daily move goal of 750 calories on Apple Watch (that was in August) it’s clear I like routine, and a daily fix to reach my goals.

That’s why I want to try and blog about my experiences, and make it into a daily routine. Even with a busy job and being a dad I still managed to find an hour each day to run, so I can find that time again to code and blog.

And if I’ve got some people reading this blog, it’ll keep me going on days when I would much rather just play Destiny on PS4.